Thermic fluid heater piping finds application in textile, food, chemical & pharmaceutical industry. We undertake projects involving supply, fabrication, erection, testing & commissioning of thermic fluid heater piping.

thermic fluid heater piping

 The MOC of thermic fluid heater piping are usually carbon steel.  The history of successful projects helps our client to design & commission cost effective thermic fluid heater piping. Our project reference list of thermic fluid heater piping clients are ever increasing. Thanks to feedback of our existing clients!

Thermic fluid heater pipes carry high temperature fluid (more than 300 deg C). Hence high workmanship is followed to avoid any unfortunate incident in future! We carry necessary expertise & resources to meet the project schedule.

  " With our expertise of unmatched speed, a large equipment base, experience manpower & cost effective solutions, we have established our self as the preferred thermic fluid heater piping contractor with prestigious multinationals"  
  • 1 Ina Bearing
    “2006: Methanol, Propane, HSD and Nitrogen piping at M/s Ina Bearing, Talegaon. Value INR 200.00 Lacs.”
  • 2 Jabil Circuit India Pvt. Ltd.
    “2005: Turkey execution of Utility piping at M/s Jabil Circuit, Ranjangaon. Value INR 85.00 Lacs”
  • 3 Raymonds Zambaiti Ltd.
    “2005: Design, supply, fabrication, installation of IBR Piping & Pipe rack work at M/s Raymonds Zambaity Ltd., Kolhapur. Value INR 320.00 Lacs”
  • 4 Tessirura Monti India Pvt. Ltd.
    “2003: Turkey execution of Chilled water piping at M/s Tessitura monti (I) Pvt. Ltd., Kolhapur. Value INR 250.00 Lacs.”
  • 5 Shahi Export Pvt Ltd
    “2012 : Design, Supply, Fabrication of Utility piping, Erection of 16 TPH Coal Fired Boiler, Thermopak ,Coal Bunker Ducting, Chimney. Shimoga, Karnataka. Value: 950 Lacs ”
  • 7 Godfrey Phillips India Ltd
    “2011 : Air, Water, Thermic Fuild, Steam, Gas Pipe Line Value INR 340.00 Lacs Rabale.Navi Mumbai”
  • 8 Godfrey Phillips India Ltd
    “2011 : Air, Water, Thermic Fuild, Steam, Gas Pipe Line Value INR 350.00 Lacs Rabale.Navi Mumbai”
  • 10 Amar Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
    "2013:Supply,Fabrication,Installation ,Erection of Utility Piping for Amar Food & Beverages (Society Tea) Gujarat,Value: 100 Lacs."