From last 15 years, our Operations & Maintenance contracts division is working 24 hours towards goal of zero downtime. We are awarded & appreciated by our operations & maintenance client for our unmatched service & dedication.

operations & maintenance contracts

 Most of our annual operations & maintenance contracts are from our previous clients. They keep repeating us & we keep upgrading our services to delight them. Our operators & technicians are trained frequently & regularly to get equipped with latest service tools.

We have our operation & maintenance contracts across major segment of industries like textile, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, etc. We offer O & M services for all the utility equipments – mechanical or electrical. Our operators & technicians are experienced, skilled & most importantly dedicated.

  " With our expertise of unmatched speed, a large equipment base, experience manpower & cost effective solutions, we have established our self as leading contractor and undertake operations & maintenance contracts with prestigious multinationals"  
  • 1 Atul Ltd. Valsad,
    Operation & Engineering Services of Nine utilities at Atul Complex. Which includes Thermic Fluid Boilers, Vapour Compression chillers (Screw & Reciprocating), Ammonia Chillers,N2 Palnts,Vapour Absorption Chillers, Air-compressor, cooling towers, Pumps and water treatment
  • 3 Client:Nicholas Piramal Ltd. Goregaon,
    Operation and maintenance of Brine Chillers, Vapour Absorption chillers, Air-compressor, Vapour ompression chillers, cooling towers.
  • 3 Client: Tessitura Monti India Pvt. Ltd, Kolhapur
    Operation and maintenance of 5TPH X2No, WHRS 1.4TPH and WHRS 1TPH, 210TR of Vapour Absorption Chillers, 15 Ton Coal Fired Boiler which include Ash Handling, Ash Removal, Boiler Maintenance, Stack Monitoring
  • 3 Client: Indian Oxalate Ltd ,Chiplun
    Operation and maintenance of 12.5TPH Fluidise bed Boiler , Power Turbine 1MW and 700TR Vapour Absorption Chiller
  • 3 Client: Volkswagen India (P) Ltd. Pune,
    Operation and Engineering Services of 3.5MW X 2Nos of Hot Water Boiler and Hot Water System
  • 3 Client: Mahanagar Gas Mumbai, Operation and engineering Services of HVAC System
  • 3 Client: K.R.Choksi Mumbai,
    Operation and engineering Services of 50Tr chiller and HVAC system